5V UPS for RaspberryPi, Embedded Boards and devices

The real world experiment on the test of RaspberryPi 4B 2GB run with hashwhy 5V MicroUPS. The hashwhy UPS of 10,000mAh was used for the experiment, being the variant with the maximum battery capacity.

12V MicroUPS tested with real world Routers and Modems

The test when 12V MicroUPS from hashwhy is tested with the real world routers and modems for backup duration.

5V UPS for wireless home security cameras

The test of hashwhy 5V MicroUPS with Mi 360 1080p smart home security camera and the expected backup duration.

What are the special features of MicroUPS series ?

The article on the special features of the MicroUPS series from hashwhy

How to use 5V MicroUPS with routers with circular connectors ?

Guide on how to use 5V 3A UPS with circular connector routers / modems / switch (with circular power pins)