How to use 5V MicroUPS with routers with circular connectors ?

hashwhy 5V 3A MicroUPS comes with USB-C input port and USB-A output port, which is usually available in specific devices only. There are some routers, modems and switches which have circular connectors for power, instead of USB. This article serves as a guide on how to use hashwhy 5V 3A MicroUPS for 5V devices with circular connectors.

Why should you buy hashwhy MicroUPS ?

hashwhy MicroUPS comes with a lot of Generation 2.0 features which are absent in other brands, because we have designed and made this in India, for India. Read more about our special features – Click Here
Also, hashwhy UPS is superb value for money. When most brands sell a 2000mAh UPS for as high as Rs.2200, which comes to about Rs.1.10/mAh of battery capacity, hashwhy MicroUPS models give as much as Rs.0.19/mAh, which is almost 6x value for money. Not to mention the high back up hours. The 10000mAh, which is priced less than that, gives almost 5x the battery capacity and backup duration at the same cost. Since the cells are automotive grade, and since they are designed for low stress discharges, the cells last longer, much longer. The UPS is designed & made for India, in India.

What would you need in addition to 5V MicroUPS ?

USB Brick Adapter

Since the hashwhy 5V 3A UPS has a USB power input, you need to get a USB adapter. This is mostly available at all homes and comes with all mobiles and devices.
Required rating: 5V 2A (This is most common)

USB Brick

USB Circular Cable

Since the hashwhy 5V 3A UPS has a USB power output, and your router or switch needs a circular power input, you will need a USB to DC circular cable. There are different sizes of cables. The most common ones are included in our special packages on Amazon. The links of these can be found at the bottom of the article. The cable set is available for purchase on our official webstore as well.

How to install ?


Get the USB to DC cable which you have and connect the output of the MicroUPS (Big USB Port) to the router power input using the cable. Use converters if necessary.


Slide the power switch on the MicroUPS to switch on the MicroUPS. You will see a green light when the MicroUPS is On.
The router should now start to boot up and work normally.


Using the USB-A to USB-C cable provided with the hashwhy MicroUPS, connect the USB-A end to the USB Brick and USB-C (Small end) to the MicroUPS.


Turn on the adapter. You will see a red light on the MicroUPS. This indicates that the MicroUPS is charging as well.
Installation is now complete.

Where to buy the MicroUPS with the Cable set bundle ?

Where do I ask for more queries ?