What's new ?

Adaptive Charging Rate

This ground breaking technology dynamically adjusts the charging speed of your UPS by intelligently monitoring the current and voltage available at the adapter. By optimizing the charging process, it ensures faster and more efficient charging, giving you peace of mind and uninterrupted power when you need it most. Experience the future of UPS charging with Adaptive Charging Rate

Higher Charging Speed

Experience the power of faster charging with our latest enhancement! We’ve elevated the charging speed of your UPS to new heights, ensuring it charges at an accelerated rate. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to efficiency as your UPS charges faster than ever before. Embrace speed, embrace reliability – with our enhanced charging speed.

Improved Connector & Cable

We have also improved the connector USB-A to make it a bit more stronger. We have also changed the USB-A to USB-C to a better metal quality compared to Generation 1.0

Steady Voltage Output
0 V
Maximum Output Current
0 A
Maximum Output Power
0 W
Switch Over Time
< 0 ms

Layers of battery protection

hashwhy™ comes with over voltage protection, over current protection, deep discharge protection and short circuit protection to safe guard your device and the lithium ion cells in case of any malfunction.

BIS Certified Batteries

Short Circuit Protection

Over Heat Protection

ESD Protection


USB-C Input Port

ABS Enclosure

Smart Charging

Smart Switch Over

hashwhy™ 5V 3A MicroUPS comes with a fast switch over and intelligent charging. When there is enough power available, the MicroUPS will charge itself while powering the output from the adapter. When the power goes off, the MicroUPS will switch it’s power source to battery with <1ms delay, to keep the device being powered always ON.

Smart Charging

MicroUPS is designed to be always plugged in. Since you need uninterrupted power supply 24×7, we have incorporated smart charging for the device. This means that, the IC inside the MicroUPS senses the battery voltage. It has algorithms inside, which tells the charging IC to charge the battery only when the battery voltage is low. When the battery is fully charged, the charger IC stops charging the battery completely. This ensures that the battery undergoes very less charge cycles, improving the life of battery and the device. The charging LED indicator shows if the device is charging the battery.

Doubles as voltage stabilizer

Some adapters age over time, and give our lower voltages. This results in inferior performance for the device. MicroUPS ensures that your device gets stable power. hashwhy MicroUPS has in-built voltage stabilisation inside, which will ensure that the device gets stable voltage, even if the adapter voltage drops down or even if there are little voltage fluctuations. This ensures that your device gets a stable voltage, increasing the life and performance of your device

Adaptive Smart Cable Compensation

Cables drop voltage when used to transfer DC voltages.. This means that the device doesn’t get enough voltage to work well. hashwhy MicroUPS has adaptive smart cable compensation. This means that the device gets a stable output voltage, even if the input cable to the MicroUPS drops voltage. This ensures a better performance for your device.


Maximum Backup
0 mAh
Most Economical
0 mAh
Technical Specifications
Voltage Input
: 5V ± 10%
Battery Type
: Lithium Ion 18650 cells
Voltage Output
: 5.1V ± 10%
Maximum Output Current
: 3.1A
Switch over time
: < 1 ms
Input Port
: USB C Type
Output Port
: USB A Type
: Charging, Output ON
ESD Protection
: IEC 61000-4-2 Standard : Air ±17kV, Contact ±15kV
Enclosure Material
: Black